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The popcorn maker is a great choice for those who adore something crispy accompanying a movie night and, at the same time, would prefer avoiding having to deep fry the treats. Thanks to the technology applied in the CR4458 popcorn maker, that bases on hot air, popcor

Making gummy candies at home, the way you like them the most, can be great fun. Camry CR 4468 candy maker can make this process easy and entertaining. Thanks to easy to use silicon forms you can prepare gummy candies shaped like four different fruit: apple, banana, p

Best friend of movie bugs – non-fat popcorn maker! From now on, thanks to Camry CR 4480, you can prepare popcorn any time you like, without risky movements with the frying pan or a pot. It is simple – you fill the machine in, switch it on and watch how the delici